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Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited is out to provide banking services in an efficient manner in order to add value to customers and stakeholders. The Bank was licensed to operate as a Microfinance Bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria in February, 2010 and fully commenced banking operations in the same month. The bank has shareholders fund in excess of ₦30,000,000.00 (thirty million Naira). [Read More]

Products & Services
Below is a list of some of the products and services offered at Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited.

Merchants Savings Account (MSA)
Merchants Target Savings (MTS)
Merchants Daily Shelter (MDS)
Merchants Edu-Save (MES)
Merchants Apprenticeship Scheme
Mercnats Regular Current Account
Merchants Treasure Account
Merchants Easy Ride Loan (MERL)
Merchants Agricultural Loan Scheme (MALS)
Merchants LPO Scheme
Merchants Equipment Lease Scheme (MELS)
Merchants Warehousing & Clearing Loan
Merchants Group Loan (MGL) [More Products & Services]